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Advanced Hot Composting Workshop

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Are you already a keen composter looking to take your composting skills to the next level? Are you always looking for more materials to put into your compost to keep your garden turbo charged? Do you make compost regularly, but sometimes have failures that you can’t explain?

In this workshop Joel Meadows will go beyond the basics to look at what is really happening in that hot (or not) pile, how to make it work better and what we want our finished compost to come out like for best results in our gardens.

You will also be introduced to YIMBY (yes, in my backyard), a local community composting initiative that seeks keen composters, and links them to loads of food scraps that are currently going in the bin.

Venue: Maldon Community Garden
Sunday 24 October
10am-12.30pm/1 hour webinar
Cost: Free (part of the Foodlinks Project, see below)
Book: 5472 4842

Food Links project

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Food Links is a project initiated by Castlemaine Community House, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre and Newstead Community Garden to bolster community connections and gardens across our Shire. The project has received $10,000 of funding from the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal (FRRR).

The main aim of Food Links is to strengthen local food security through community collaboration and education, connecting people with existing community gardens. The project seeks to:

improve food growing skills in a changing climate
increase produce supply for community food programs
strengthen links between our community gardens and community food programs
increase active involvement in community garden care.

Food Links has two aspects. The first is to support garden leaders and volunteers at a local community garden level, and then to work with them to identify local needs and priorities for each community garden (eg. education, wider community engagement, identifying local food needs, etc).

The second will be to link gardens with one another, identify shared needs and opportunities, connect food needs to gardens (eg community lunches, food banks, food relief schemes) and increase awareness of community gardens across the region.

Something you'd like to be part of? Call 54752093 or email

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Above: volunteers at Castlemaine Community House Garden; Newstead Community Garden.

Community lunch

A two-course meal and friendly conversation for only $5 donation.
Wednesdays 12 noon during school terms.
Maldon Community Centre, Francis St Maldon


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