Community Bus trial to continue

Created: Thursday, 10 May 2018

Good news! The community bus trial servicing the communities of Baringhup, Maldon and Castlemaine is continuing for another six weeks until Friday 22 June.

The trial service started in April to improve transport for older members of the community.

“Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and book your seat on the bus today,” said Amy Atkinson, Coordinator, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre. "Just call 5475 2093 to book"

“The use of the new community bus has increased each week since we launched the service at Easter time.

“Most customers are using the service to travel from Maldon or Baringhup. Yet there is still room on the bus and we would like to encourage Castlemaine residents to use the service to get around Castlemaine,” she said.

The service operates on Tuesdays and Fridays, looping around Castlemaine between 10.15am and 1pm. It also runs between Baringhup, Maldon and Castlemaine, and links to existing PTV services.

“The bus picks up passengers from residential houses, taking people door-to-door for a gold coin donation,” said Amy.

To book a seat on the community bus service contact the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre on 5475 2093 the day before. Timetable information is available online via

The community bus trial is delivered by Castlemaine Community House and Maldon Neighbourhood Centre in partnership with Mount Alexander Shire Council. It is funded by the Victorian Government through the Age-friendly Communities Grants Program.

Makarrata Garden Tarrangower

Created: Tuesday, 27 March 2018

We are excited that Makarrata Garden Tarrangower led by local artist Forest Keegel is starting in April and would love you to be involved in this transformative project which investigates our local biosphere with a focus on Powerful Owls and Duans (Brush-tailed Phascogales), the history of colonisation in Maldon and brings Indigenous cultural learning to the Tarrangower community so we can begin a Makarrata (truth telling and reconciliation) process.     

DSC 1844      

Read more: Makarrata Garden Tarrangower

Occasional Childcare Update

Created: Tuesday, 06 March 2018

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria has been working on behalf of Neighbourhood Houses to better understand the up-coming changes to occasional childcare funding and how we may transition to another model. 

We have some good news! Occasional childcare funding will continue until the end of December 2018 AND we are eligible to apply for the new Federal package (the Jobs for Families Child Care Package). MNC will still need to understand what transitioning will involve, but we are hopeful that we can either continue to offer a great childcare service for local families or advocate for another provider to be based in Maldon. 

Autumn Newsletter Available Now

Created: Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Childcare opportunities in Maldon

Created: Friday, 23 February 2018

Living and working in rural Australia can be a challenge for families due to the lack of childcare. Many families rely on support from grandparents to help manage the ‘juggle’ of work and children. But what happens when grandparents are not just down the road?

We are lucky in Maldon to have the Occasional Childcare service operating every Monday from 9.30am – 2.30pm. This service is strongly supported by the Maldon & District Community Bank who recognize the important roles it plays in providing quality care to our children, and respite and support for local families. The Occasional Childcare service runs at the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre and provides care to children aged 6 months up to 4 years old. Please contact the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre if you would like an Enrolment pack.

Aside from running this service, the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre has been a strong advocate to Mount Alexander Shire Council to establish an Early Years Plan providing strategic direction for local providers of early years education and care, and to Maldon Primary School to establish After-School Care.

“The local Council is not a provider of early years services, but has a role in creating a strategic direction with providers in the Shire as well as creating opportunities for collaboration and partnership”, explains Amy Atkinson Coordinator, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre.

Currently, the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre has been working closely with Maldon Pre-School, YMCA and Mount Alexander Family Day care to investigate After-Kinder Care at Maldon Pre-School. This project has been supported by funding from Mount Alexander Shire Council through their Community Grants program.

“We are currently looking for a local educator who would love to be involved in this project. We are looking to use the In-Venue Family Day Care model to provide a wrap-around service to the kindergarten program.” Explains Lisa Girvan, Family Day Care Coordinator.

Help our local families with the ‘juggle’ of work and family by becoming a family day carer, please contact Lisa Girvan at Mount Alexander Family Day Care today if you are would like to find out more or check out the website