Centre closed until further notice

Created: Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre will be closed to the public until such time as government shutdowns are lifted.

Tough times are ahead for many of us. Looking out for each other, something we know our community does well, will be as important as ever. Please stay connected with us, and with your community.

We will continue to stay connected by phone, email, social media and our website.

5475 2093

Please let us know if you need anything, take care and spread kindness. We will send out additional updates as new programs begin.

Sadly, Easter Market cancelled

Created: Tuesday, 31 March 2020
The management of the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre and the Market Manager have decided not to proceed with the scheduled Maldon Market on Sunday April 12.

Whilst we did have approval from Mount Alexander Shire to run a Home Grown Food Market (Food markets are still classified as essential by Victorian Government) we did not believe the scale of our offering was viable and also presented an unacceptable health and safety risk given the demographic profile of Maldon residents. It is our intent to start up again as soon as it's deemed safe.

Be Safe Be Clean Be Kind

Doors still open!

Created: Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Covid-19 (coronavirus) was the major topic discussed at Tuesday evening’s Maldon Neighbourhood Centre (MNC) Committee of Management meeting.  The Committee focused on developing a proactive approach in order to protect the vulnerable members of our community.

The health and safety of our staff, volunteers and the Maldon community is paramount.

Of course MNC continues to comply with all government directives in relation to Covid-19 however it has become necessary to make some difficult decisions to support the recommended principles of infection control such as social distancing.

This will impact on a number of activities previously scheduled to take place over the coming weeks.  Details will be outlined in the upcoming MNC newsletter which will be distributed shortly as well as on the Centre’s website www.maldonnc.org.au. Please note that the working bee arranged for 21st March (Saturday) will be rescheduled for later in the year.

Based on current advice from the relevant government authorities Occasional Child Care, Community Transport Service and the Maldon Market will continue with enhanced hygiene procedures in place.  As Government advice changes we will respond accordingly.

Pam Millwood, Deputy Chair expressed the Centre’s deep regret at the necessity of these measures but stressed that the Centre has the health and well-being of our community at heart.

MNC Coordinator Amy Atkinson said “It would be lovely to see kindness go viral in Maldon during this time.  Look out for neighbours and those around you who may need a little extra support at this time. “

For more information, please contact Maldon Neighbourhood Centre info@maldonnc.org.au or 5475 2093

Regretfully, our Centre closes tomorrow

Created: Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Neighbourhood Centres are now on the list of services required by the Government to close.

Consequently, as of Thursday March 26, 3pm, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre will close to the public until such time as government shutdowns are lifted.

Tough times are ahead for a lot of us. Looking out for each other, something we know our community does well, will be as important as ever.

Food and meal support, and other online and on-phone activities to help keep us all connected, are something we can do. We have started working on a coordinated food response, re-purposing the community bus and re-jigging the community lunch – resources we have at our fingertips that can be put to good use.

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre will be setting up a Community Pantry to help those in need. If you have something to donate to the Pantry, please email info@maldonnc.org.au or call us 5475 2093. The Community Bus can pick up donations from your gate on Friday from midday.

Please check out this link for those currently in social isolation, needing immediate relief.

Loneliness in our Community

Created: Friday, 20 December 2019

 We all need to feel a sense of connection and belonging, that we are cared for and supported. But one in 4 Australians are lonely*.

What does loneliness look and feel like for people in the Tarrangower community? Why and how do we become socially disconnected? And what is it that we do (or could do) to change that?

In early 2020, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre will embark on a project to explore isolation and social disconnection in our community. The project will work alongside local people to:

  • ·explore the experience and impacts of social isolation;
  • ·identify ways that people have been able to ease loneliness and connect with others;
  • ·build on this to create something new in our community that aims to do just that.

We would very much like to hear from people with experience of loneliness and feelings of isolation. If you are keen to work together, drawing on your own experience and that of other community members, please get in touch with us by phone or email: 54752093 or info@maldonnc.org.au.

* https://www.abc.net.au/life/social-isolation-why-are-we-so-lonely/10493414