Created: Friday, 20 December 2013

18th December, 2014

She has recorded with Tim Rogers, been in a band that supported the likes of Snow Patrol and Arab Strap, has the same producer as the Audreys and she is proudly from Romsey.

Lizanne Richards is a singer-songwriter with a deep pool of inspiration that she dives into and surfaces with stunning lyrics captured in a blend of jazz, folk and blues tunes. And she will play at the Maldon Market on Sunday 12th January.



"I had a pretty unique childhood, growing up with missionary parents on the edge of the Sahara in Niger, Africa.

"Music was a big part of my life from a young age because I used to join local woman at church and sing gospel songs.

"They let me play traditional clay drums as accompaniment, which I remember so fondly.

"Song writing draws on your reactions to different people, places and experiences so this is a really good time of my life to be releasing my debut self-titled album.

"I feel like I understand the world better than I did 10 years ago and that translates into my music," she said.

Lizanne’s music is well known for her often haunting lyrics that tell of lost loves, the passing of time and how people process the issues that confront our daily lives.

Lizanne has just released her first self-titled album, having played in a Glasgow-based outfit Oldsolar and Melbourne-based Lady Grey. Lady Grey’s self-titled e.p. placed them in the 2006 PBS FM Festival of Song Competition in which Lady Grey became a grand finalist.

"I love live outdoor gigs at this time of year. I think they can really add so much to an event.

"Maldon in particular is such a special little town and will be popular for day trippers from all over the place during the school holidays, so it should be a great day at the market," she said.

Hear Lizanne play at the Maldon Market on Sunday 12th December at 11.30am, Fountain Street Maldon, in the Maldon Shire Gardens rotunda.

For interviews or more information contact Alex Fisher, Market Coordinator, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre on 0417 540 176.

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