Maldon Market finds a new home

Created: Tuesday, 02 August 2022

SUNDAY 14th August, 9am to 1:30pm

maldon market move photo Aug2022 SM

Maldon Market is ever evolving and there are exciting changes ahead. This month we are on the move back to our original site, the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre (MNC). Full circle!

The Market has had a long history, with many community members contributing to its growth. In its early days, over a decade ago, it was a small community market, with its home at MNC. In its next chapter, building on what had been established, a working group got together to come up with a new concept for the Market, and plan for its future.

Funding was sourced to re-brand and launch a bigger market, one that offered a broader range of stalls, focused on local sustainable product, and had a ‘Hand Made & Home Grown’ philosophy. A new site was decided on: Fountain Street and the Maldon municipal gardens. And so the new look, new directions market was launched with great fanfare in 2013.

Over the following years, the Market grew bigger and better, attracting thousands of visitors to our town every month. Then COVID hit and, like most Victorian businesses, the Market was shut down for many months. When it re-opened, a new site was needed, one that enabled stallholders and shoppers alike to participate safely, in line with COVID restrictions. The Bill Woodfull Recreation Reserve (BWRR) came to the rescue!

From late 2020 until now, the BWRR has been a wonderful support to the Maldon Market. Our heartfelt thanks to the BWRR Committee for their generosity. However, new Shire regulations now mean that sporting ovals are no longer able to host events like the market, where vehicles can damage the playing surface, particularly during the wetter months.

So here we are in mid-2022, bidding a fond farewell to BWRR, and an excited ‘hello’ to our new site - the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre - home of the market on many levels.

All your regular and favourite stalls, and an array of new ones, will now be gathered around the MNC Hall and along both sides of Edwards street. With access to the Centre’s facilities, we will create a lovely atmosphere with a children’s playground on site, and doggies on leads warmly welcomed.

There will be plenty of places to enjoy a hot drink or lunch from our delicious food makers, while listening to local musos and browsing the fantastic produce and products on offer. Lots of reasons to linger.

So come along and celebrate our new home, the resilience of our lovely market and the community behind it, and our town. As it settles at the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre, this much-loved community institution will now truly be on home ground.

Contact: Market Manager, Lynn or 0493 368 443.