Boomerang Bags

Created: Friday, 05 March 2021
An average Australian uses 160 plastic bags a year so we are doing our bit every time we say NO to a plastic bag.

The Boomerang Bag initiative started in NSW and has spread to 1130 communities around the world. Many bags are printed with the town of their origin and have been tracked right across the world. Over 500,000 bags have been made, resulting in nearly 185,000 kg of waste being diverted from landfill, preventing the use of many thousands of plastic bags.

For the last 3 years, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre volunteers have been regularly sewing reusable cloth bags and topping up the stand at the IGA. Boomerang Bags are there to ‘borrow & bring back’ if you have forgotten to bring your own bag.

The success of Boomerang Bags relies on everyone returning their bags for others to use . . . we have been pleased to see locals adding their own bags to share and we gently remind borrowers to please ‘boomerang’ their bags back to the stand on Main St, Maldon.

Thank you to the team at Maldon IGA for their support of this initiative. Thanks also to the volunteers who tirelessly sew, print and replenish boomerang bag stocks.

If you would like more information on Boomerang Bags and how to be involved, please contact the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre on 5475 2093 or Donations of clean cotton fabrics are very welcome.

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