Keeping your home comfortable

Created: Thursday, 10 September 2020

Keeping our homes comfortable all year round can be a challenge – managing cold winters and extreme heat in summer. As many of us know firsthand, lots of Maldon’s housing stock is old and the gorgeous heritage mining cottages we love are not great at keeping out draughts in the winter and quickly heat up in summertime.

But Maldon Neighbourhood Centre’s Climate Ready Maldon project is here to help with just that! Local volunteers will work with households to assess the thermal comfort of their homes and create an Action Plan with suggested improvements. Every participating household will receive a $50 voucher .


Humans are comfortable only within a very narrow range of conditions – either too hot or too cold and we start to suffer. Old and young people are particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Human thermal comfort has two components: psychological (mental) and physiological (physical).

The main factors that influence our feeling of thermal comfort are temperature, humidity, air movement (breeze or draught), exposure to radiant heat sources and exposure to cool surfaces.

When asked about thermal comfort at home during winter and summer, half of Victorians reported they felt colder than they would have liked last winter and slightly more (54 per cent) said their home had been too hot last summer. In fact, during times of extreme heat 19 per cent of Victorians have had to leave their home because it was too hot to stay in.

We can control some of these factors in our homes to improve comfort levels all year round. If you would like advice on improving the thermal comfort of your home, please register with the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre today.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, volunteers will support households to assess their homes over the phone unless we are permitted to undertake physical inspections. All volunteers will undergo training and have current police checks.

As weather extremes increase, communities will need to be prepared. Together we can make Maldon Climate Ready! Register your household today!

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More information: please contact the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre on 5475 2093 or