Neighbourhood Houses Campaign

Created: Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Neighbourhood Houses help communities help themselves by developing and delivering services and programs that specifically respond to the needs of their communities. In an average week Victorian Neighbourhood Houses provide over 10,000 opportunities for over 188,000 people.

Why we are campaigning:

 Funding for Neighbourhood Houses has not kept pace with rising operational costs and the demands of Victoria’s increasing population. The issue is particularly acute in Victoria’s growth corridors, and those suffering the effects of rural isolation and the loss of employment opportunities through industry closures.

What we need:

   Increased Neighbourhood House Coordination Program Funding.

  An increase in the number of State Government Funded Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria.

  An increase in the support for Neighbourhood House Networks.

Please come into the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre to add your voice to the campaign by filling out a postcard or email a postcard to Jenny Mikakos MP Minister for Families and Children, Minister for Early Childhood Education and Minister for Youth Affairs 

Download the postcard   Neighbourhood Houses Campaign

JPEG 2018 Campaign Postcard Poster