Complimentary Caravan

Created: Tuesday, 04 July 2017

Complimentary Caravan : Sunday 9th July : Maldon Market : 9am-2pm

Do you feel like receiving a compliment?

Come and treat yourself to a visit to Rose Turtle Ertler’s Complimentary Caravan this Sunday at the Maldon Market (9am-2pm).



Sit inside the cosy custom built caravan and listen to a soundtrack of compliments collected from local Maldon residents - young and elder.  Rose recently spent time with the Year 3/4 students from Maldon Primary School who all contributed a compliment about someone older in their life - a grandparent or other adult. A number of local adults (mostly elder folk) including residents from Tarrengower Village and Jessie Bowe House at the Maldon Hospital were also recorded saying a compliment about a young person they know. And the result! - a beautiful collection of thoughtful, sincerely delivered positive words!

Some examples from the adults (about someone young in their life): “Your courage and determination is awesome!” / “I really appreciate who you are and I like the way I see you look after your animals, like your cat and your fish and the way you’re so considerate with other people as well. / I think that I’m leaving the future in good hands because I think you’ll be really mindful of the whole planet.”

And from the students (about someone older):  “You spoil me every time I visit.” / “I like the way you smile at me every day, you are very nice to me and I like the way you always let me do things.” / “You are a lovely person. I love the way your eyes sparkle.”

An extra component of this intergenerational project includes illustrations created by the school students to accompany each compliment given by the adults. These will be displayed inside the caravan and have also been made into little books. 

The Complimentary Caravan is an ongoing project by local community artist Rose Turtle Ertler.  It explores the power of words and considers what the effect of a simple sentence of positivity can have on a person’s day.

This Maldon project is supported by the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre and ‘Caring for Ageing Rural Australians’ program through the The Ian Rollo Currie Estate Foundation in partnership with The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

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