Created: Thursday, 03 April 2014

2nd April, 2014


When you ask Carolina Cordeiro of Malmsbury Kitchen Garden, whether it is difficult to earn a living growing vegetables, she says, "it is hard work, but not hard." By this she means she believes in what she does and when you stick to your principles it’s not really work at all.

This, coming from someone who bought a block of land in Malmsbury and planted out her kitchen garden 9 months before even laying the foundations for the house that she hopes to move into by this spring. Clearly, she expects the house to compliment the garden, not the other way around.

Carolina has started growing vegetables on a small block of land in Malmsbury and selling them at local markets. She says food grown on a small scale has been shown to use less water, less fertiliser and less machinery than the same volume of food grown on an industrial scale.

"The environment has always been important to me but once I realised that the most important decisions I could make to reduce my impact on the planet were all decisions related to food, I started growing my own vegetables.

"There is growing demand from customers to buy their fruit and vegetables directly from growers, especially in regional Victoria.

"Supermarkets operate on the basis of convenience shopping.

"But if the nearest supermarket is in the next town or only stocks a limited variety of produce, then a home delivered box of locally grown produce or a local market can definitely compete with the food giants.

"People want access to the best quality produce they can get and that means buying directly from the grower.

"I feel this trend will continue as people become more informed about food and health and as the number of local markets rises, " she said.

You can visit Malmsbury Kitchen Garden at the Maldon Market on Sunday 13th April, 9am until 2pm, Fountain Street, Maldon.

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