Connect Maldon

Created: Friday, 24 July 2020
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"I've always assumed 'welcome' wherever I go" (Maldon resident). 

"You have to learn how to go out and meet people when you go to a new place ... you have to take yourself outside your comfort zone ... it's about getting out where there are other people around ... lockdown has really screwed me in that way! " (new Maldon local). 

The Connect Maldon project is gradually building a picture of local social and community life - how people connect, what it's like to be new here, what makes for a sense of belonging ...

If nothing else, COVID-19 has given us shared experience of isolation, separation from family and friends, and a significant drop in opportunities to shake hands or hug!

We'd still welcome your help to get the picture of exactly what the local experience is.

Simply by answering a few questions, you will contribute a great deal to our understanding of what's going on for people, and what we can build on or start up to make a difference. We're ready for action, but it'll be hit and miss without you!

So please click here and have a word with us. You have until 5pm Friday July 31.

Another way to help us get the picture (literally) is to come and have some fun in a portrait drawing workshop. Take a long hard look at yourself (and others) draw with abandon, and see what happens. Anyone can do it! .... full details here.

And please get in touch if you would like to talk directly, or get involved in some way: or 54752093.