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ROBO MOJO with LEGO: "THE FORCES" Suitable for 6-12 year olds

"They surround us and penetrate us; they bind the galaxy together." Obi-Wan Kenobi

The theme for this term will be FORCES. As a part of weekly robot design challenges, students will have the opportunity to investigate the effects of different forces they can observe. There will be a focus on mechanical design and coding ideas that allow energy to be explored, collected, stored and transferred.

These workshops introduce robotics and basic programming to children from Grade 1 - 6, using computers and LEGO® Boost robotics technology. Educator Cameron Frost creates a challenging, supportive and inclusive environment that caters for different ages and needs. Expect super-fun, playful learning.

Check out the AHA! Moments Facebook page or

Time: Tuesdays, 4 - 5.30pm starting 16 July to 3 September (8 weeks)

Cost: $180 for 8 week program

To Book: call Cameron 0490 424 828


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